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Contact: Susan Welsh
Applied Technology Management

ATM Offers Website Development Services

Goleta, California, January 30, 2005

Applied Technology Management today announced expansion of its service offerings to include website development.

"An Internet presence has become crucial to the long term success of many businesses," said ATM's principal, David Welsh. "Companies must respond to the changing global economy and to the ways in which potential customers and clients search for resources. But few small businesses can afford to employ full time specialists capable of developing an attractive and effective website."

Traditional Website Development Resources

Companies desiring to establish an Internet presence have traditionally used contract resources to create their website. Those sophisticated enough to realize that attracting traffic to their new website will be an ongoing task have then contracted with search engine optimization consultants for this expertise. "My experiences in managing website development projects ranging in scope from simple corporate presence sites to complex online retail stores have certainly been a learning experience," Welsh observed.

"The first lesson learned was that it can be very difficult for an inexperienced project manager to find the right resources. Most contract website development firms can quickly create an impressive looking website, at a reasonable cost, but then the client is left to manage it without any clue as to what is involved in attracting traffic. It's like opening a store, putting up a sign and waiting for customers to walk in. After a while you begin to realize that you must also advertise."

At this point the client is likely to find that effectively advertising this new website is very different from advertising in traditional media. The most cost effective form of advertising, getting references from search engines and from directories whose listings depend on search engine results, may require that the entire design be scrapped and a completely new website developed, whose content is optimized for search engines.

Search engine optimization after a website is developed can be an expensive process. Those who offer these services professionally tend to be oriented toward clients with large budgets, expecting long term contracts at  hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.  Many "SEO consultants" offer guaranteed results quickly for a seemingly reasonable cost. These are likely to be based on practices whose results may not last any longer than the duration of the contract, and which may eventually result in a website being banned by major search engines.

"Attracting the right kind of traffic to a website really begins with the design of the site and the text content of its pages. In many cases, sites that intially seem  very impressive and visually interesting attract very little traffic. Search engines ignore them, because they can't see or understand graphics and are totally focused on keywords."

The ATM Approach      mechanical engineering, electronics packaging

ATM's goal is to be a preferred, proven and dependable resource for companies needing expert technical assistance in developing and managing an Internet presence.  "ATM is not a typical contract agency or consultancy," Welsh said. "ATM's specialization encompasses the whole website development process from originating the preliminary concept through bringing the site online and finally, long term site management and traffic development. Technical expertise and support are offered in every phase of website development."

ATM's strategic objective is to establish long-term relationships with clients, becoming a trusted partner in the planning and website development process, working with the client's management team to provide additional development capacity when needed, and supplying intermittently needed resources for managing the site and attracting traffic.         mechanical engineering, electronics packaging

About Applied Technology Management

ATM was founded in 1999 by David Welsh, a mechanical engineer with extensive experience in product design and managing product development. Located in Goleta, California, near Santa Barbara, ATM provides technical  services from product design to process development and facilities layout, and management services from planning to project management and now website development. ATM's expertise also includes general mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, and quality engineering, with specializations in interconnection technology, fiber optics, optical switches and electronics packaging.



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