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Contact: Susan Welsh
Applied Technology Management

Applied Technology Management Establishes Internet Presence

Goleta, California, August 15, 2003

Applied Technology Management today announced the opening of its Internet website,, describing  services provided to manufacturers of technology products.

"The economic challenges of today's global economy require a new approach to product development," said ATM's principal, David Welsh. "Organizations with large technical staffs must respond to competitive cost pressures and cannot  afford incompletely utilized technical resources. Yet rapid development of new products is now more vital than ever,  and technical resources must be available when needed, not when other assignments are eventually finished."

The conflict between high staff utilization and rapid development schedules can stress an engineering organization -  causing excessive overtime, sliding schedules, employee burnout and turnover. Maintaining technical expertise can also be difficult when demand is intermittent, since a company can't employ a fraction of a specialist.

Traditional Temporary Engineering Resources

Organizations confronting such problems have traditionally used contract agencies for short-term design capacity, and specialized consultants for intermittently needed expertise. "My experience in managing product development projects that depend on temporary design personnel of varying capabilities, unfamiliar with the company's products and system, is that this can rapidly become a nightmare," Welsh observed. "Also, specialized consultants sometimes aren't available when needed."    mechanical engineering, electronics packaging

The ATM Approach      mechanical engineering, electronics packaging

ATM's goal is to be a preferred, proven and dependable resource for organizations needing expert technical assistance in the development and manufacture of technologically advanced products.  "This is not a typical contract agency or consultancy," Welsh said. "ATM's specialization encompasses the whole product development process from originating the preliminary concept through bringing the product into production and finally, ongoing product improvement. Technical expertise and support are offered in every aspect of new product development."

ATM's strategic objective is to establish long-term relationships with clients, becoming a trusted partner in the engineering and product development process, working with the client's core technical team to provide additional engineering capacity when needed, and supplying intermittently needed resources in technical specialties and management.         mechanical engineering, electronics packaging

About Applied Technology Management

ATM was founded in 1999 by David Welsh, a mechanical engineer with extensive experience in product design and managing product development. Located in Goleta, California, near Santa Barbara, ATM provides engineering services from product design to process development and facilities layout, and management services from planning to project management. ATM's expertise also includes general mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, and quality engineering, with specializations in interconnection technology, fiber optics, optical switches and electronics packaging.



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