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Fiber Optics
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Interconnection Technology

Before founding ATM, David Welsh was Principal Engineer responsible for leading the Mechanical Engineering team at Calient Networks, a leading manufacturer of large scale optical switching systems for the telecommunications industry.  Today, that relationship continues and Calient is a major client.

David's experience in interconnection technology include positions as Engineering Manager at Sabritec, a manufacturer of high performance filter and RF connectors; as Vice President of Engineering at Noma, a manufacturer of wiring harnesses for the appliance and automotive industries;  as Manager of New Product Development at ITT Cannon; and as Manager of Research and Development at Microdot Connectors. He has been awarded seventeen US Patents, authored two technical books and many magazine and journal articles, and received Best of Session and Best Paper awards from the International Institute of Connector and Interconnection Technology.

As an electromechanical engineer in the interconnection industry, he developed expertise in many areas of interconnection technology, ranging from tiny microminiature connectors with contact spacings as small as 0.5 mm, to massive umbilical connectors with contacts rated at hundreds of amperes. His expertise includes both products used in commercial applications and those used in military and aerospace applications.

Well known for innovative design concepts and solving intractable problems, he designed and developed many interconnection systems that became standard products. During the standardization process,  he participated in developing numerous military specifications, EIA standards and ARINC documents. Some of his best known interconnection design efforts are described on the pages listed below.

Fiber Optics
Microminiature Connectors
Rack and Panel Connectors


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