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Your Corporate Presence Site

You are now a visitor on ATM's company presence site. This is the best possible way to visualize what your own site might be like. Do you like it? Is it easy to navigate, and does it inform you quickly and easily about the things you are most interested in? Do you wish that your company had a site like this? If you've answered "Yes" to these questions, then ATM can craft a corporate presence site for you that will do everything you need at an amazingly affordable cost.

The reason we can do this is that the whole site development process is template driven, and its structure is very simple. Despite its simplicity, the format is very versatile, as you can see from the range of topics covered on this site. Using templates allows ATM to put all of the time consuming hand crafting into fine tuning the content and the HTML detailing that will get you top search engine rankings.

Contact ATM today to discuss your company's goals and the objectives of your Internet marketing plans.

What You Have to Do

No website developer, no matter how competent, can give you a good website without three essential contributions that have to come from your company:

  1. Site Content - You need to outline the general structure that you want, and draft copy for each page or topic. When development starts this material will probably be extensively modified to create visitor-winning site structure and content, but if your outline and draft conveys the essentials to ATM it has done its job.

  2. Good Graphics - Interesting pictures that help to tell your story and will make visitors to your site want to become customers or clients.

  3. Keywords. What search terms do you want your site to be optimized for? What kind of visitors do you want to attract? What do you want your visitors to be interested in? We can do a lot to get you the best and most targeted keywords, but the initial concepts have to come from you.

What ATM can do to help you launch your Corporate Presence Site

  1. Design, structure and implement the pages and content for your site

  2. Guide you through the process of getting set up with an ISP and domain registration (we prefer to set you up with our own ISP)

  3. Search Engine Optimization and Traffic Analysis

  4. Help you maintain your site indefinitely, or until you are ready to take that task over yourself


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