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PHD Rack and Panel Connector

In 2000 Calient Networks began development of a 1K port optical cross-connect switching system. When it was discovered that the interconnection requirements for this system demanded a higher density connector than that used in Calient's 256 port switch,  David Welsh organized and managed a collaborative effort between Calient and ITT Cannon to develop a new 320 channel modular, high-density rack and panel fiber optic connector system.

PHD 320 Channel Rack and Panel Connector

This connector system is organized as ten 32 channel modules, each of which terminates a cable assembly into the receptacle or rack mounted side of the connector. It is rugged and reliable, and optical performance is excellent. Cannon has gone on from this design to develop the successful PHD (Photonics High Density) product family of fiber optic connectors, using the miniature terminus system developed for this 320 channel rack and panel connector.

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